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Our History




online support group set up


non profit organisation established


new chair takes control

Special Families East Grinstead was founded on the 31st March 2014 by two mothers; Emma Bashford and Emma Martin-Dale.  


They created a small Facebook group with a few members all of who are parents of children with additional needs.  Frustrated by constant travelling to other towns to access special needs activities such as after school clubs and sports, they sought to have local activities and support available for their children and their siblings. The group instantly gave them a network of support and a collective voice that was greatly needed.  They had identified a huge gap in service provision for children with disabilities and their families.  


Just over a year later the group and its reputation had grown significantly.  In July 2015 roots were established to officially become a non profit organisation with a small charity constitution.  The chair, Emma Bashford, successfully ran a dedicated committee of parent volunteers. 


Following a reorganisation in January 2020, Catherine Wilson took over as Chair. Our Facebook group has now grown to over 600 members and there are events to access weekly.


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Our founders

Emma Martin-Dale & Emma Bashford

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